User Experience

Thanks to User Experience Design activities, we design the user experience by placing people at the center of the design process.


User and Customer Experience Design

One keyword: experience. Usability, aesthetics, and emotions are the aspects that the User Experience Design (or UX Design) team considers during interface creation, to design experiences that are simple and easy to use while also establishing an emotional connection with the user.


In this discovery phase, the team focuses on deeply understanding the experience that customers have when interacting with a company or product.

To design a meaningful, relevant, and consistent experience across all channels, it is essential to understand customer needs, which is why we design their customer journeys. This process allows us to visualize user paths, the steps they take to complete an action, and identify potential pain points or areas for optimization to create a positive experience in every interaction.

Brand Experience
Creiamo esperienze digitali in linea con la comunicazione del marchio, coerenti e coinvolgenti per trasmettere i valori del Brand, attirare nuovi clienti e fidelizzare quelli esistenti. La fase di progettazione visiva e disegno interfaccia utente comprende:
  • lo sviluppo di idee per il layout e look & feel del progetto,
  • la scelta della palette colori e di una tipografia,
  • applicazione di uno stile visivo (icone, illustrazioni, immagini e contenuti Brand) coerente con l’identità del marchio.
Data Driven Design

We create digital experiences that align with brand communication, ensuring they are consistent and engaging to convey the brand’s values, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

The visual design and user interface design phase includes:

  • developing ideas for the project’s layout and look & feel,
  • choosing a color palette and typography,
  • applying a visual style (icons, illustrations, images, and brand content) consistent with the brand identity.


  • Schematic design (wireframe) of all site pages, focusing on information architecture, user experience, and functions,
  • Definition and prioritization of functions for each area,
  • Definition of the number and type of templates,
  • Content mapping (media, product information, and corporate content).


  • Creating the interface by combining page structure and usability rules defined in the wireframing phase with the corporate language and product proposition,
  • Creation of the component library (design system): for a more scalable project and consistent design across all brand channels,
  • Creation of an interactive and navigable prototype.

Research & Design



& interface DESIGN

Improve the conversion rate

How to make the experience unique?

Eurostep’s response is the activation of customization processes. Applying this strategy to projects in the Lifestyle and Jewelry sectors has led to a 3x ROI.

We have supported brands by designing online configurators for product creation, allowing customers to become actively involved and transform into co-creators of their desired items.

  • Product configurator

  • Premium Experience

  • Customer loyalty

  • Some examples

    Some examples

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