Customer Care for eCommerce

An international, multilingual, and multichannel Customer Care team specialized in eCommerce, dedicated to enhancing your Customer Experience.


eCommerce specialized Call Center

pre and post sale support
Pre-purchase: We provide immediate support to resolve any doubts and guide customers during the purchasing process. Post-purchase: We ensure precise and timely after-sales support to ensure maximum satisfaction. Each request is handled with care and attention, ensuring a seamless experience from the first contact to delivery.
Multilingual customer care
With our experienced and competent team, we can assist your customers in multiple languages, ensuring clear and effective communication worldwide. Whether your customer speaks English, Spanish, French, or any other language, our team can handle every type of request: from pre-sales support to order management and post-sales assistance. Our Multilingual Customer Care ensures that every customer feels understood and supported, regardless of their language or country of origin, without any distinction.
Our Approach

Phone, Chat, Email, Social, Ticketing, and Reporting

Phone support requests
70% of support requests from eCommerce come via phone contact. Each call is handled by native-speaking operators who are fully competent and trained to understand your customers’ needs, ensuring comprehensive and reliable support throughout the purchase process. Whether providing advice during purchase or resolving issues with an order, our First-Level Contact Center ensures advanced assistance for handling complex tasks.
Requests via email, chat, or social networks
An effective Customer Care for eCommerce manages support requests via email, chat, social networks, or tickets. Our first-level team creates a specific ticket for each interaction to monitor requests closely and provide timely responses. Across every communication channel, we ensure impeccable response times, ensuring customers never have to wait too long for assistance or to be directed to the product they are seeking.
We improve your Customer Experience.

eCommerce specialized Call Center

In every project, our team strives to deeply connect not only with the products but also with the identity, history, and values of the client’s brand. This approach ensures that we provide users with a consistent and unique brand experience, leading to an overall improvement in Customer Experience.

We provide you and your customers with high-quality Customer Care, seamlessly integrated with your eCommerce site, offering a complete range of dedicated services.

  • Response in 5 languages, via phone, chat, email, and social media

  • Integration of live chat and trouble ticketing on your website

  • Customer support across all social networks

  • Proactive consulting to improve your eCommerce

  • Platforms: Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and many others

  • Operational within 48 hours with a dedicated team


How we integrate Customer Care into your eCommerce

We activate and integrate the necessary tools

Integrating a live chat customer service on your eCommerce is a crucial step to ensure an unforgettable shopping experience. Customers often need a little help to complete their purchase, and live chat provides the opportunity to get immediate answers. Whether it’s product clarifications, delivery times, or payment options, live chat allows you to provide instant assistance and improve the conversion rate.


Integrating our ticketing software into your tools allows us to efficiently manage customer requests, monitor ticket statuses, and provide timely and accurate responses. Phone, email, chat, or social media—all channels are supported by our centralized ticketing system. Moreover, our platform offers advanced features such as automatic request categorization, ticket prioritization based on urgency, and detailed customer support reporting. With the integration of our ticketing software, we can ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency for your company.

We train our operators for your company

We work closely with you and your collaborators to fully understand your products, offerings, and corporate identity. Together with our team leaders, we develop a customized training plan for our team, ensuring that each member is fully prepared to represent your brand effectively.

Effective Customer Care enhances your Brand Reputation and your overall Experience.

Online reputation is invaluable. A dissatisfied customer who digitally shares their negative experience can be the fastest and most damaging word-of-mouth for your company. Specialized eCommerce management Customer Care can prevent this unpleasant issue.

Helping you proactively manage your online presence and ensuring that every customer interaction reflects positively on your company is our mission. Contact us to safeguard your online reputation and enhance your Customer Experience with our eCommerce Customer Care service.