Digital Marketing

Comprehensive and innovative Digital Marketing services, with Growth Marketing strategies balanced between performance and acquiring new customers.


Digital marketing strategy

Using Digital Marketing requires expertise and a unique, comprehensive, and winning strategy. Digital Strategy, in fact, is the key to achieving primary objectives and building a solid online marketing infrastructure. The goals you can pursue with a coherent digital marketing strategy include:

  • Awareness​

  • Engagement

  • Conversion

  • Affiliation


Optimization and
SEO strategies

Through meticulous content optimization, careful integration of relevant keywords, and a modern, high-performance HTML structure, we enhance online presence to maximize visibility and conquer the SERPs. The goal of SEO activities is to increase brand awareness by intercepting user searches at the moment they are genuinely interested.

  • Ottimizzazione dei Contenuti​

  • Technical SEO (HTML and achitecture)​

  • Link Building​

  • Keyword​ Planning

  • Specific Reporting and SEO Audit


Web Analytics &
Tag Management​

In the vast digital world, the key to success is a deep understanding of user behavior and real-time optimization of online resources. With Web Analytics and Tag Management, we track every click, analyze every interaction, and translate data into valuable insights. Your brand’s online presence becomes an open book, allowing you to understand your audience, improve user experience, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

  • Creation and Optimization of DataLayer

  • Google Tag Manager Configuration

  • Installation of Conversions and Tags

  • Implementation and Optimization of Google Analytics 4

  • Tracking Plan and Tracking System Study


SEM & Social Advertising​

The mix of actions and strategies aims to maximize revenue through a model that ensures payment for ads only upon conversion, such as “Cost Per Sale” or “Cost Per Lead.”

We offer personalized digital strategies and plans in: Retargeting, Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Direct Email Marketing (DEM), Programmatic Advertising, Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Affiliate Marketing, and Shoppable Ads. Everything is measured through economic KPIs (ROI, ROAS, and CPA) and the application of advanced attribution models.


  • Keyword Advertising​

  • YouTube e Gmail Sponsored​

  • Shopping Ads

  • Dynamic and Static Remarketing​


  • Advertising on social networks​​

  • Social Targeting Data Driven​

  • Relationship Marketing​

  • Shoppable Post & Ads​

Inprove conversions

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) requires cross-disciplinary skills in web analytics, digital marketing strategy, UX design, persuasive copywriting, and performance optimization of hosting. The goal of CRO activities is to improve the conversion rate through the implementation of the following activities:

  • User Behavior Analytics​

  • Omnichannel Analysis​

  • A/B Test​

  • Reporting​


Email Marketing and

Thanks to automated processes throughout the entire purchase funnel, you can track users throughout the conversion process and maximize their Lifetime Value. Welcome programs, re-purchase programs, VIP customers, and abandoned cart recovery are just a few examples of automations that can be created.


  • CRM Management​

  • Flussi e Automazioni​

  • A/B Test​

  • Campagne DEM​

  • Lead Scoring e Database Optimization​

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