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Why choose BigCommerce?

Scalability without limits

BigCommerce offers unparalleled scalability. Whether you’re just starting out or managing a major brand, the platform ensures the flexibility you seek and, most importantly, grows with you. Thanks to its architecture, flexible technology, and scalable pricing model, you can create or migrate your e-commerce to meet countless internal needs or those of your target market.

Custom Design

Personalization is essential to distinguish your brand online. BigCommerce offers a wide range of modern and highly customizable templates, allowing you to create an online store that reflects your corporate identity. Additionally, the user-friendly design tools make it easy to make changes without the need for advanced technical skills.

PERFORMANCE and security

Speed is crucial in the digital world of online commerce. BigCommerce offers a cutting-edge technology framework that ensures fast loading times, enhancing user experience and driving higher sales conversion. Additionally, security is a top priority: BigCommerce handles PCI DSS compliance and provides free SSL certifications, guaranteeing maximum protection for you and your customers. The SaaS technology underpinning BigCommerce’s infrastructure delivers high performance without compromising platform security.

Integrations and Advanced Tools

To effectively manage your online business, you need a tool that integrates seamlessly with other platforms and services. BigCommerce offers a wide range of integrations with major payment methods, inventory management software, analytics, and much more. Additionally, the platform features advanced functionalities such as automatic abandoned cart recovery. The BigCommerce app store, with its apps, helps simplify daily operations and enhances the effectiveness of your marketing and sales strategies.

Other Benefits, Other Features


Make informed decisions with BigCommerce. Access advanced analytics tools that provide detailed insights into your store’s performance, allowing you to optimize your sales and marketing strategies.


Prendi decisioni corrette con BigCommerce. Accedi a strumenti analitici avanzati che forniscono insight dettagliati sulle prestazioni del tuo negozio, permettendoti di ottimizzare strategie di vendita e marketing.


Conquer every sales channel with BigCommerce. Seamlessly integrate online sales, social media, and physical stores, ensuring an omnichannel presence that captures your target audience wherever they are.


Benefit from dedicated 24/7 BigCommerce support to quickly resolve any issues and ensure your online store operates with impeccable service continuity.

ECOMMERCE IN Bigcommerce

Eurostep as a Bigcommerce Partner Agency

Seamless and Efficient Integration

Partnering with an agency like Eurostep means integrating your e-commerce platform in the best possible way. The synergistic collaboration and partnership between Eurostep and BigCommerce ensure flawless data synchronization, simplifying online sales management and e-commerce team activities. As a BigCommerce Partner Agency, we can integrate and develop various solutions and multiple applications.

Maximum Operational Efficiency

Eurostep, as a BigCommerce Partner Agency, offers advanced solutions to improve operational efficiency. By integrating inventory management tools, analytics, and process automation, companies can optimize their operations, reduce downtime, and maximize productivity. This combination of Eurostep and BigCommerce allows users to focus on business growth, knowing they can rely on an integrated and high-performing system.

Support and Consulting

Partnering with Eurostep connects you directly with a dedicated support team and expert consultants for the BigCommerce platform. This means having continuous access to support for resolving issues and receiving personalized consulting. Additionally, being a BigCommerce Partner Agency ensures timely access to all technological updates, keeping your business at the forefront and benefiting from the latest innovations in digital commerce.

Some collaborations ​

the project in Bigcommerce

Replatforming or new ecommerce?

Start-Up and Implementation

The e-commerce project on BigCommerce begins with a very intuitive and quick start-up process. Thanks to the platform’s easy configuration, you can quickly get your store online and start selling your products. With a variety of customizable templates and user-friendly tools, you can bring your e-commerce to life without waiting for lengthy developments or cumbersome setups. Having a BigCommerce Agency allows you to optimize the launch of your e-commerce and access customized features tailored to your specific needs.

Scalability and Growth

No matter how ambitious your project is, Eurostep as a BigCommerce Agency is ready to grow with you. Through close collaboration with BigCommerce, we can scale technology, performance, and infrastructure to manage a replatforming or new launch effectively, precisely, and quickly. The BigCommerce platform, with its powerful features, perfectly adapts to all your needs, whether simple or complex.

Advanced Analytics and Continuous Optimization

With BigCommerce and Eurostep, your e-commerce project never stops evolving. The platform provides powerful analytical tools that allow you to monitor your store’s performance, understand buyer behavior, and make informed decisions. Additionally, BigCommerce’s continuous pursuit of improvements and our close partnership help keep your project at the forefront, with new features and updates to maintain your competitive online presence.

The six phases of the project


Customer First

In the initial phase, we identify and define the project's objectives. We gather requirements, analyze the client's needs, and outline the key functionalities of the e-commerce. The goal of the Bigcommerce Agency is to analyze your general and specific project requirements and expectations.


ux/ui design

Designing wireframes and prototypes for an easy, engaging, and intuitive user experience.



Creating the visual frontend and the backend logic of the e-commerce.



Combining and integrating the technology stack to form a cohesive and high-performing system.


testing & qa

Quality verification through thorough and targeted testing.



The training phase aims to prepare staff and personnel for the new system. The Bigcommerce Agency provides training sessions on backend functionalities such as order management, customer management, administrative management, and periodic system maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about BigCommerce


BigCommerce can be a beneficial choice for online sales, but the decision depends on the specific needs of your business. The platform offers ease of use, a wide range of features, scalability, customer support, robust integrations, and customization options. Carefully evaluate costs compared to your budget and choose a partner who can effectively support your project.


Collaborating with a BigCommerce partner agency is essential to optimize platform usage and fully leverage its capabilities. Partner agencies provide specialized expertise, efficient implementation, technical support, strategic consulting, technological updates, customized integrations, and staff training, overall enhancing the performance of your online store.


Yes, BigCommerce is designed with an intuitive back-end interface that makes many features accessible without requiring advanced technical skills. However, ease of use can vary based on individual experience and specific needs of your e-commerce team. Partnering with a BigCommerce agency like Eurostep can facilitate the learning and optimization process of platform functionalities.


BigCommerce caters to specific needs by offering a wide range of functionalities, including order management, marketing tools, and detailed analytics. The platform is designed to ensure good scalability and flexibility in customizing the design of your online store, allowing you to tailor it perfectly to your brand’s specifications. The numerous integrations available facilitate integration with tools and services necessary for your business.

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