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FABA, the Treviso company that with its Storyteller for boys and girls is writing a new page in the history of edutainment, with its Sound Characters, combines fun with learning, promotes the development of the imagination and represents a means safe without screens for boys and girls from 0 to 7 years.

The new website myfaba.it, created by Eurostep Commerce, immediately transports users into the magical world of FABA, through a wealth of content organized to make the choice of products as intuitive as possible.

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progetto Faba da eurostep
progetto Faba da eurostep

Objectives and requirements

After significant growth in the e-commerce channel, the FABA team found itself faced with a block in the internationalization process due to a user experience and technology no longer adequate for the volume of business and content managed.

In fact, the platform was not always able to support traffic peaks, and the internal processes relating to the publication of new content or launches d
To improve revenue and channel management, a replatform was necessary that included the study of user experience to optimize the conversion rate, expansion into new markets and simpler and faster management of activities.

Eurostep created the myfaba.it website, starting from the needs of users and the FABA team: the design of a new information architecture, the creation of a tailor-made user experience and the implementation of a SAAS platform have produced concrete results.

Approach and solutions

Eurostep created the myfaba.it website starting from an analysis of the requirements, the product and the context.

Thanks to the workshops carried out, during which technical and product storytelling issues were explored in depth, the BigCommerce platform was selected and a detailed project roadmap shared, full of initiatives to improve the user experience.

The initial study examined, in addition to a cross-industry benchmark, the product catalogue, the navigation data of the existing e-commerce site and the analysis of user conversations on all touchpoints, with the objective of identifying areas for improvement and designing a user experience in line with expectations.

The informative architecture of the site was designed to suggest the choice of product, given the wide range of articles, based on several variables: from the age of the child, to thematic interests, to the type of contents, up to the training and teaching objective.

During the user experience (UX) and interface (UI) design phase, a widget library was created: a library of components that allows the FABA team to design web pages, guaranteeing scalability and modularity of layouts.

The replatforming included, in addition to the SEO migration, integrations with the order and warehouse management and e-mail marketing systems.
The new site also introduced the Single Sign-On process to simplify the registration process for the app and the e-commerce site as well as the management of the user list.

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