xtraWine, a renowned online wine shop with over 10,000 Italian and international labels, has established itself as a point of reference in the beverage sector. Founded in 2008 by a passionate team of sommeliers, computer scientists and entrepreneurs, xtraWine stands out for its innovative vision and its commitment to combining winemaking tradition and digital technologies.

Eurostep collaborates and supports xtraWine through a 360-degree digital marketing service in order to improve online visibility and optimize digital strategies. Specifically, Eurostep deals with the management of advertising campaigns to increase eCommerce sales and offers SEO consultancy with constant technical and content analysis and suggestions.

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Objectives and requirements

The collaboration between Eurostep and xtraWine began in July 2023 after a detailed analysis on the Conversion Rate which highlighted opportunities for improvement in customer experience and e-commerce performance. Firstly, we wanted to improve the overall performance of e-commerce and, subsequently, increase sales on the online channel through specific cross-channel advertising strategies. Secondly, another need was to improve organic positioning in search engines to allow xtraWine to achieve greater visibility and attract an increasing number of qualified visitors.

The partnership objectives between xtraWine and Eurostep are, to date:

  • Improve e-commerce performance
  • Increase sales on the online channel thanks to advertising
  • Improve organic positioning

Approach and solutions

In July 2023, Eurostep’s marketing and UX/UI teams conducted a comprehensive in-depth analysis of the conversion paths and usability of XtraWine e-commerce, analyzing the purchasing process, navigation and user interface, together with tracking of a user’s main actions. Thanks to this activity, potential areas of optimization, inefficiencies and critical points were identified, establishing the priorities and tasks to be implemented.

Subsequently, the Eurostep team carried out an SEO audit focusing on the technical and content aspects of the site in order to improve online visibility and performance in SERP. The detailed analysis made it possible to identify the critical issues and opportunities for optimization, which guided the subsequent intervention activities.

Finally, Eurostep took over the management of advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook and Criteo, with the primary objective of increasing sales. Thanks to targeted strategies and constant optimization of campaigns, the aim was to maximize the cost per acquisition and the return on investment, implementing and optimizing advertising touchpoints.

In conclusion, Eurostep and xtraWine work in close synergy to ensure the success of ecommerce through a strategic and collaborative partnership. This approach allows for mutual sharing of knowledge and skills, allowing us to maximize the impact of optimization activities, develop new innovative strategies and face the challenges of the online wine market.