The history of Moleskine begins with a black notebook with rounded corners and elastic closure that reproduces the legendary notebook of artists and intellectuals of the last two centuries, including Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. Here’s how we helped Moleskine on a path towards multichannel, accelerating digital transformation in more than 36 countries by improving the customer experience from a customer-centric perspective.

Our role

system integrator

Platform implementation and integration,
Full Ecommerce services set-up,
Management and maintenance

ecommerce agency

UX / UI design and creative concept,
Web marketing management

Moleskine website case study - Eurostep

An avant-garde design concept

The new design of the Moleskine website has been redesigned to meet the needs of the brand and express its identity through iconic elements and communication spaces aimed at describing the product: this is how landing pages and areas dedicated to editorial content have been created which strengthen the link with the consumer.

The new solution was designed mobile first and SEO friendly to improve the user experience according to the habits analyzed in the pre-design phase.

“A cultural icon to embark on a journey through art, literature, culture and geographical exploration”


Focus on the product

In a path towards multichannel, the ecommerce site has become an asset of great strategic value, as it allows you to communicate with customers in a direct and timely manner. Moleskine was looking for a new concept that would support brand positioning and improve the mobile experience, as well as a strategy aimed at growing the global business in more than 36 countries.
“Extremely intuitive,

“Extremely intuitive, extremely personalized”

This choice allows the customer to become an active part of the purchasing process and to become a co-creator of the object of his desires.

moleskine mobile

Navigation optimized for every device

To improve the consumer experience means to optimize purchasing on all digital devices. To address these needs we drastically reevaluated customer’s path to purchase a product and redesigned the relevant flows, particularly for mobile surfing.

Online catalog – A new way to navigate

After a careful analysis of users, their habits and cultures, the catalog and taxonomy were reorganized, to respond to SEO-friendly preferences.

Logistic Hubs

A network of warehouses represented in the three primary geographical areas guarantee the brand a global presence.

4 Logistic Hubs

Customized user experience with the Marketing Automation

To launch and support the new ecommerce, a strong online marketing strategy, aimed at achieving business objectives in the reference markets, has been put in place. In order to attain this goal, promotional campaigns were used on the main online advertising platforms and the new email marketing application was launched through Responsys, the extension of Oracle for marketing automation. A special algorithm simplifies sending newsletters and DEM, allowing in a single step to forward the contents in different languages that will be then sorted according to the geographical area of the recipient.

 The user experience is becoming more and more personalized thanks to content and promotions made in accordance with the consumer habits.


7 months, a global project

Via a digital strategy structured by geographical area, with the launch of the 36 stores, the opening of the warehouses and other business-related services. Moleskine project was set up in just 7 months.

A full outsourcing solution


Management of 4 warehouses on 3 continents (EMEA, USA e APAC) Shipping management and product customization in the warehouse.

Customer Service

With six languages (IT, EN, DE, FR, ES e RU) managed by telephone, contact form and chat, with telephone contacts for each country and return management, refunds and reporting.

Digital Marketing

Multichannel performance management (machine learning bidding optimization, dynamic retargeting, email marketing automation, affiliation channels in 10 countries).

Store Management

Merchandising management on 3 continents with content and promotions personalized for each Country. Coordination of activities to achieve the budget and reporting of BI and financial. Overview operation facilities.


Support and management of the Oracle Commerce Cloud Platform. Continuous improvment of the product with constant updates and monitoring.


Tax management and sales invoicing differentiated for each country and currency, with adaptation to local regulations in force. Periodic administrative reporting for all reference areas.


Moleskine about its experience

Watch the video and find out how we supported the brand on its path to digital transformation.

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