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Ipanema: a Brazilian history and soul. A brand of the Grendene group that has been offering an authentic experience for the unique design, comfort and variety of colors of its high-quality footwear to a wide audience of consumers since 2001. Ipanema, one of the major players in the flip-flop and sandal market worldwide, aims to reduce its environmental impact by using recyclable materials and limiting waste production. Artcrafts deals with the exclusive distribution of the brand throughout the national territory both online and offline, both directly and using authorized retailers and physical stores.

Eurostep collaborates with Artcrafts, exclusive distributor of Ipanema in Italy, to manage and optimize advertising channels, promoting product visibility and the growth of sales from the online channel. Furthermore, Eurostep manages the eCommerce Customer Service via telephone, text message, WhatsApp, contact form and social media.

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ipanema progetto di eurostep

Objectives and requirements

After obtaining the exclusive distribution license for the Ipanema brand throughout Italy, Artcrafts had an eCommerce created and made use of the collaboration with Eurostep to increase sales and visibility of the products on the digital side. With the increase in traffic to the site, the additional need to offer appropriate customer support has emerged. Artcrafts, with the support of the Eurostep team, has managed to further strengthen the relationship with its customers.

The objectives of Artcrafts, as regards Ipanema in Italy, are to:

  • Enhance eCommerce sales through advertising campaigns
  • Increase the traffic generated on the website
  • Promote new products, gadgets and special offers


ipanema progetto di eurostep

Approach and solutions

After an initial phase of analysis to identify the main competitors, market positioning and which tools to use for the strategy, the digital plan was defined, mainly focused on Google Ads. This tool in fact guarantees the possibility of intercepting the user in the different phases of the funnel, so as to be able to simultaneously pursue both the objective of increasing traffic to the site and that of increasing sales. To do this, different types of advertising campaigns were used, from “Discovery” and “DSA” for the first purpose, to “Search” and “Shopping” for the second. In a subsequent phase of the project, the need emerged to generate new contacts to replenish the internal database, which was carried forward thanks to the implementation of extensions useful for generating new leads in exchange for a discount code applicable on the first purchase.

The application of the digital strategy led to the achievement of the set objectives, generating a greater flow of traffic to the site, significant YoY turnover growth and an increasingly populous and segmented customer database.