De Agostini


The giant De Agostini is one of the best known and most important publishing houses in Italy and in the world: it operates in about thirty countries around the world, in thirteen different languages. 

Eurostep guided the company towards its digital transformation, thanks to the development of a new centralized and easily scalable infrastructure.

Our role

system integrator

Marketing Orchestration Configuration, Full Ecommerce services set-up

ecommerce agency

Full Ecommerce services set-up

outsourcing services

Support on Integration Cloud implementation

De Agostini landing - Eurostep case study
De Agostini landing - Eurostep case study
de Agostini centralizzazione

Digital transformation: the challenge

The extreme fragmentation of the company’s IT infrastructure had led over time to the development of many mini-portals, making their management very complex. In the digitization process, each of the components involved has been put in communication with the others, guaranteeing centralized management of information. Eurostep has therefore played a key role in this scenario, leveraging its experience to ensure the correct implementation of this digital transformation.

Get to know your users better

The new De Agostini digital structure has the CRM at its core, capable of collecting data from all customers and normalizing them for optimal performance for marketing purposes.

De Agostini
Oracle Responsys

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Eurostep led the activation and configuration of the enterprise software dedicated to Direct Email Marketing and the creation of cross-channel customer experiences. The construction of the data model was designed and implemented to optimize the integration between the company’s IT infrastructure and the platform, ensuring constant synchronization. Several completely scalable marketing automation flows have been created, in which each user is automatically directed through the dedicated customer journey.


Easy and independent management

Eurostep has therefore implemented an ecommerce solution that allows autonomous management by the De Agostini team, thanks to automated integration flows and configurable templates that can be declined based on the various products to be launched.

Single Customer View

The entire management of user data is centralized on a single system, to which refer all the platforms involved. This grants a single customer view, which provides the company with a complete and straight overview of its users.

Single Customer View