Crocs, Inc., is a famous American brand known for its iconic footwear characterized by a distinctive design and exceptional comfort. In Italy, Crocs, thanks to the partnership with Artcrafts, a company that guarantees its exclusive distribution in the area, has established a significant presence, distributing a vast range of products among its physical stores, authorized retailers and its own eCommerce.

Eurostep supports Artcrafts as the sole Crocs distributor for Italy in optimizing advertising channels to increase eCommerce sales and improve the purchasing experience through Customer Service.

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Objectives and requirements

Five years ago, Artcrafts began a collaboration with Eurostep to improve awareness and online sales of Crocs in Italy. The increase in performance, through advertising activities, has led to the creation of new objectives: optimizing the purchasing experience and improving customer service from purchase to after-sales. To meet these needs, Eurostep supports Artcrafts, exclusive distributor of Crocs for Italy, with a cross-channel Customer Service, thus strengthening customer trust and satisfaction.

The objectives of Artcrafts, as regards Crocs in Italy, are to:

  • Increase sales on the online channel thanks to advertising
  • Improve the global eCommerce Conversion Rate
  • Increase Customer Retention

Approach and solutions

The collaboration between Eurostep and Artcrafts began with an analysis useful for selecting the suitable tools and the subsequent creation of a digital strategy with a marked focus on the paid channel (Google Ads) in order to improve the awareness, consideration and conversion phases. The first advertising campaigns aimed to generate direct conversions via the “Search” and “Shopping” channels.
Subsequently, the objective was extended to expanding the user base, through the optimization and management of further and different types of campaigns on Google Ads (“DSA”, “Display” and “Demand Gen”).

The synergy between Artcrafts and Eurostep’s Marketing, UX/UI and Customer Service teams has also brought direct improvements to the eCommerce platform, including the constant optimization of the User Experience and the simplification of product searches with new features. Furthermore, the Customer Service’s monthly reports on pre- and post-purchase critical issues still contribute to improving, with precise interventions, the overall performance of eCommerce and advertising campaigns.