Chervò is a well-known golf sportswear brand which, in addition to representing various professional players, has thousands of points of sale all over the world. 

To rethink its ecommerce and streamline internal flows, the Brand has chosen Eurostep as a partner.

Our role

system integrator

Full Ecommerce services set-up,
Support on Integration Cloud implementation

ecommerce agency

Project management,
UX / UI consultancy

Chevro front end development

The new ecommerce for Chervò in Magento 2 Commerce

The first step was the technological choice based on business objectives, functional requirements, the desired experience for the end user and the digital ecosystem of the Brand. 

Following an accurate analysis, Magento 2 Commerce was selected as the platform for the new Chervò, a particularly suitable solution given the high level of customization required and the complexity of the project. 

Our role, in addition to following the development phase in its entirety, was also to support the customer in optimizing the UI to optimize the user experience and to guide the construction of the catalog so that it was better structured and more benefit of the team that will manage the store.

A place to tell the essence of the brand

In addition to ecommerce, the project continued with the development of the new Chervò Blog which, moving from WordPress to Magento, now guarantees unified management of all Brand users. In this way we have provided the brand with a unique and functional tool, ideal for telling the end user about themselves. A great story cannot be based solely on the product: this is the concept that leads the numerous unpublished contents, editorials and storytelling curated by Chervò.

C?hevro blog - Eurostep case study
chevro oms

Order Management System: unification and efficiency


To facilitate Chervò’s internal flows, we took care of the development and implementation of the Order Management System (OMS): a system that allows orders to be orchestrated so that they are taken over by multiple warehouses while maintaining a single management flow. This allows the brand to increase efficiency and reduce the number of errors in order fulfillment and payment reconciliation. Chervò is thus able to manage inventory across different sales channels and check availability in real time, forecasting sales and easily taking orders.


Chevro website frontend
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