Cambiobike is the company for electric two-wheeler mobility by Cambiomarcia (a Unipol Group brand), created to remodel the way we choose, buy and ride e-bikes, a concentration of technology that will change the way people move.

The e-commerce on which the entire project is based was implemented by Eurostep on the BigCommerce platform. It comprises of a very accurate product display and a smooth purchase flow joined by installment products – Cambio12 and Cambio24 – perfectly integrated with the checkout flow.

Our role

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A totally custom front end for an unconventional business model

For this development project we have implemented totally customized features, making the most of the potential of the template, dispelling the myth that a single platform cannot suit the uniqueness of the projects. In fact, BigCommerce allows you to create customizable and reusable widgets on each page. Thanks to the technical know-how, we have worked with extreme flexibility, creating a site that can change its face with incredible dynamism. Cambiobike adapts extemporaneously to promotional needs and communication messages, and which gives the possibility of total independence in the management of the content by the company’s internal resources.

Product focus

The site is dynamic, clear, simple. The green line takes the user by the hand and takes him through the various thematic sections. The elevation of the product is maximum: each e-bike is always in the centre, highlighted by zoom and close-up. The product sheets are enriched with 360° views and ad hoc shots of the details. Clear descriptions and configurations, which reassure the user and facilitate his propensity to purchase. The product pages are characterized by exhaustive information designed and built to generate leads. Full-bodied content that loads instantly, in mobile first mode.

Cambiobike sito web UX
Cambio Bike Website sections

A custom and multi-step checkout

Cambiobike e-bikes are high-ticket products and the user’s journey towards the purchase decision and checkout must be designed with great care. The various super contents of the product pages, which are the basis of the purchasing experience of a high-end product, are loaded so quickly that even its sensoriality and the relative brand perception benefit to the maximum. Finally, the checkout process is multi-phase: a composite and multi-step management that goes beyond the standards to once again become custom – the differentiating element of the BigCommerce template. In fact, it provides for the choice of the payment method by installments and the possibility of also personalizing the insurance model and delivery method.

Cambio Bike Website sections - product checkout

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